Armagnac is an attitude to life, just like rock ’n’ roll.
Unadjusted, passionate, unashamed but soulful at the same time.

Our House

Good times, bad times

The Société Produits d’Armagnac, home of Marquis de Montesquiou and Comte de Lauvia, was founded in 1936 by Pierre de Montesquiou, a politically ambitious Armagnac merchant and co-founder of the Confrérie des Mousquetaires de l’Armagnac.

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The Armagnac Soil

Salt of the earth

Legend has it that when God created the earth, He forgot a small corner of Gascony, which made Him very sad. A tear ran down His cheek and when it fell to the ground, it formed the region of Armagnac. In reality, Armagnac is a protected designation of origin.

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The Grape Varieties

Can you hear the music?

Armagnac only exists because every year, on the slopes of beautiful Gascony, different grapes are grown that will eventually be vinified, distilled, and aged. While ten different varieties are permitted by decree, only the following three are playing in our band.

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The distillation of wine

Play with fire

Every year from the end of October to the end of January, the Flamme de l’Armagnac is carried round on foot and on horseback to symbolically light the stills of each distillery and herald the magical period of distillation. Armagnac typically undergoes only one distillation.

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Seen the grapes growing

Black Limousine

An old Gascon proverb says that Armagnac must be matured in barrels made of oak that has “seen the grapes growing” – in other words, wood that has seen the seasons pass. This is why you can see stacks of stave wood stored in the open air all over Gascony.

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Ageing the Eau-de-vie

Surprise, surprise

Armagnac comes off the still at around 52% ABV. It is casked at the same strength and typically bottled at between 40% and 48% ABV. In our opinion, Armagnac shouldn’t be too oaky and needs to have somehow “digested” its ageing in wood.

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Sensory acoustics

Far away eyes

The venue, the chai (“cellar”), also plays a decisive role and contributes significantly to the maturation of our Armagnac – let’s call it sensory acoustics. Because the fact is – and you can ask our angels – the more humid a cellar is, the rounder the brandy will be.

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Monkey man

Traditionally, Armagnac is a composition (or assemblage) of different eaux-de-vie from different vintages, grape varieties, and locations. However, the assemblage is not a duty, but rather an art form; an interplay of man and nature with the ultimate goal of sensory harmony.

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Wild Horses

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