We might have no sympathy for the devil, but we’d rather live in the memory motel than in a yellow submarine. And as with any band, quality requires continuity. Since 1955, there have only been three maîtres de chai who have ensured that the house’s savoir-faire in the production of Armagnacs has been passed down from generation to generation.

Maître de Chai

Bernard Penne

1955 - 1973

Jean-Claude Dallas

1973 - 2013

Eric Durand

2013 - today


As lead conductor, if you will, and guardian of the Stile Maison, the “master of the cellar” sets the tone and knows how to make his ensemble perform in harmony.

The savoir-faire of our Cellar Master Eric Durand, acquired after long years of practice, perpetuates the excellence of prestigious lineage of Montesquiou cellar masters.

The daily tasting of a dozen of eaux-de-vie, and a small notebook, are his best tools to adjust with precision the blends as well as the exceptional vintage Armagnacs.

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