The distillation of wine

Every year from the end of October to the end of January, the Flamme de l’Armagnac is carried round on foot and on horseback to symbolically light the stills of each distillery and herald the magical period of distillation. Unlike Cognac, which undergoes double distillation in a Charentaisstyle pot still, Armagnac typically undergoes only one distillation using a specific pure copper apparatus by the name of Alembic Armagnacais that was endorsed in 1818 by a stove maker in Auch. 

It was then adapted, modified, and improved by the region’s distillers over the centuries. Small, sometimes mobile, and usually wood- or gas-fired, the continuous column still is quiet simply the coolest thing ever – and to us, the one and only way to distil Armagnac. It’s a walk down memory lane that allows the unique aromatic richness and character for which Armagnac is famous unfold. 

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